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Dragon Mist Baijiu profiled on World Baijiu Day

world baijiu day logo 2017Curious about Baijiu, or already a fan? If you haven’t already discovered the World Baijiu Day website, you need to visit.

They have a nice review of Dragon Mist Baijiu where we rub shoulders with Taizi and Vinn.

According to them, Baijiu producers beyond China are pretty rare, with Vinn in Portland and Taizi in Christchurch among the best examples. A relatively new Canadian brand called Dragon Mist Distillery in British Columbia seems a good candidate to join them.

Baijiu is the most-consumed spirit but little-known beyond China. World Baijiu Day aims to change that by teaming with venues, producers and consumers in dozen of cities on August 9.

The “beyond ganbei” has meant everything from baijiu-inspired cocktails, infusions and liqueurs to pizza, beer and chocolate to quizzes, classes and flights. More ideas here.

Globe & Mail gift guide recommendations

The Globe and Mail logoGlobe & Mail’s Alexandra Gill recommends some great holiday gift finds. And on her must-have list — Dragon Mist Baijiu! These distilled spirits are the most consumed liquor in the world.

Check it out:

Once you’re hooked, find out where you can pick up your own bottle of one of the finest baijiu spirits you’ll ever have.

Cranberry Liqueur

cranberry liqueur from Dragon Mist DistilleryDeveloped for the 2016 Langley Cranberry Festival, our Cranberry Liqueur has become our best selling liqueur.

Once you try it you’ll understand why.

Use it in your next Cosmopolitan or Crantini instead of cranberry juice. Or just sip it straight-up or on the rocks. And when thanksgiving rolls around you can’t find a more suitable holiday aperitif than Dragon Mist Cranberry Liqueur.


New products and new bottles

Dragon Mist New BottlesIn addition to our flagship product — Dragon Mist Vodka — we are perfecting Dragon Mist Baijiu (40% and 56% alc./vol.) and Dragon Mist Gin.

To celebrate the release of these new products, we have redesigned our Dragon Mist Vodka bottles and added the 3 new bottle designs to our product offering.

More ways than ever to enjoy Dragon Mist spirits! Watch for them coming soon!

Visit us at BC Distilled May 10

cropped-BC_Distlled_Website_Logo12Come and sample Dragon Mist Vodka Saturday, May 10 at CBC Studios, 700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver. We’re exhibiting along with over 2 dozen other exhibitors — including 17 BC and Yukon distilleries.

Find out what the best micro and craft distilleries are producing locally.

  • Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Aquavit, Grappa, Brandy, Cassis, Liqueur, Eau de Vie, Absinthe, White Whisky, Schnapps and more …
  • Bitters, Caesar mix, soda …
  • Food by Grain Tasting Bar, Forage, Yaletown Distillery Bar, Edible Canada, and The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar
  • No in-event ticketing – your entrance fee covers the tasting

The event runs from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. For more information, please visit:

Come and enjoy! See you there.


South Peace Grain Cleaning Co-op supplies us

All of our wheat for Dragon Mist Vodka is supplied by the South Peace Grain Cleaning Cooperative in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

This farmers’ co-op was formed in 1963 to construct a seed cleaning facility for member producers. They built a new facility in 1987 and over the past 25 years has continually updated, modernized and improved its lineup of seed cleaning equipment. With up to date equipment in place and 50 years of experience, South Peace Grain is committed to providing excellent service and high product standards.

To find out more about where our BC wheat comes from please visit the South Peace Grain Cleaning Cooperative website.

Bottles & Boxes have arrived

Dragon Mist Vodka bottle and case packaging

Our bottles and shipping cases are here and we love them! It’s great to see designs progressing and look at mock-ups, but that excitement just doesn’t match receiving the real thing. We now have 60,000 bottles in inventory, ready to fill with our first batch of craft distilled vodka.

Thank you Design HQ, for the great job on bottle and package design.

Test batches have us, and our willing taste-testers, excited about our smooth, premium vodka, with just a hint of sweet grain flavour and aroma.

First batch of our new, craft-distillery certified vodka will be ready to bottle in about a month. We already have new customers patiently awaiting our first shipments. If you’d like to be on that list, please contact us and we’ll put some aside for you.

New Craft Distillery certification!

We are very excited about our new British Columbia Craft Distillery certification! By sourcing wheat from Dawson Creek in the South Peace River area of northern British Columbia, we meet one of the criteria for certification as a British Columbia Craft Distillery.

Another criteria is that no neutral grain spirits can be added to our Dragon Mist Vodka. This was an easy one to meet, since we distill our vodka using nothing but BC wheat and water from snow-capped Vancouver glaciers. That’s all.

Our first batch using our new source of BC wheat will be ready in about one month. Can’t wait!