Bottles & Boxes have arrived

Dragon Mist Vodka bottle and case packaging

Our bottles and shipping cases are here and we love them! It’s great to see designs progressing and look at mock-ups, but that excitement just doesn’t match receiving the real thing. We now have 60,000 bottles in inventory, ready to fill with our first batch of craft distilled vodka.

Thank you Design HQ, for the great job on bottle and package design.

Test batches have us, and our willing taste-testers, excited about our smooth, premium vodka, with just a hint of sweet grain flavour and aroma.

First batch of our new, craft-distillery certified vodka will be ready to bottle in about a month. We already have new customers patiently awaiting our first shipments. If you’d like to be on that list, please contact us and we’ll put some aside for you.

2 thoughts on “Bottles & Boxes have arrived”

  1. I love the bottle, sophisticated and exciting!! And so is vodka, I tasted and tasted again, just chilled, and was great. Hopefully can find it soon available at all liquor stores!!

    1. Hi Zeljko,
      We’re so glad you love what we’re doing. Have to agree, frozen and well shaken is my preferred way to enjoy Dragon Mist.

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