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In Search of Elegance reviews our Baijiu and Gin

In Search of Elegance logoJason Hambrey at In Search of Elegance reviews our Dragon Mist Baijiu this month. We may have a new ambassador for the only Canadian distillery making the world’s most consumed spirit.

Jason says, “The spirit tastes good when served neat, straight up, or over ice – but it makes some nice cocktails too. My preference is to go with a dry martini-style here, and garnish with a pickled onion (or olive works well too).” and gives it a “Highly Recommended” rating.

Read more here: http://www.insearchofelegance.net/blog/2021/2/3/review-dragon-mist-baijiu

And about our Gin he says, “This has a really nice big, earthy character. I have trouble resisting it – though it may be outside the comfort zones of some gin drinkers. The earthy character I described is dusty, spicy (baking spices), and it has a clay soil type of richness. This is lifted with light citrus, and woody/bright juniper. ”

Read more here: http://www.insearchofelegance.net/blog/2021/2/3/review-dragon-mist-gin


Baijiu shots ganbei!

2019 was Best World Baijiu Day yet

Jim Boyce, the founder and organizer of World Baijiu Day, organized the best event yet, with 33 cities around the world participating.

This year we partnered with Bao Bei in Vancouver’s Chinatown, where bar manager, Jay Brown served his original bailie cocktail, the Golden Boar. It’s a regular on their menu, so if you’re in Vancouver, drop by and try it out. Bao Bei is also one of the best bars in the city, so you don’t want to miss it.

Check out the list of participants and get inspired by some of their original cocktail recipes, recipes and more: http://www.worldbaijiuday.com/2019-events/


Golden Boar cocktail from Bao Bei in Vancouver's Chinatown features Dragon Mist Baijiu

Celebrate World Baijiu Day in Vancouver!

Bao Bei is a great restaurant at 163 Keefer Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Their bar manager, Jason Browne, has perfected the Golden Boar — a cocktail of their own creation using our Dragon Mist Baijiu.

Golden Boar Recipe: Dragon Mist Baijiu, fino sherry, lemon, lavender honey, liquorice root tincture, egg whites

Baijiu is the most consumed spirit on the planet. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. We are the only distillery in Canada, and only one of three outside China that make this torquey, high-test alcohol.

You can get in the spirit and celebrate World Baijiu Day on August 9, 2019 by heading down to Bao Bei and sampling their Golden Boar cocktail. Or for the brave of heart try our Baijiu the traditional way — as a shot. Ganbei! (bottoms up!).

For more info, contact Bao Bei: T: 604.688.0876   |   info@nullbao-bei.ca

Can’t make it to Bao Bei? Order on-line


Dragon Mist Baijiu profiled on World Baijiu Day

world baijiu day logo 2017Curious about Baijiu, or already a fan? If you haven’t already discovered the World Baijiu Day website, you need to visit.

They have a nice review of Dragon Mist Baijiu where we rub shoulders with Taizi and Vinn.

According to them, Baijiu producers beyond China are pretty rare, with Vinn in Portland and Taizi in Christchurch among the best examples. A relatively new Canadian brand called Dragon Mist Distillery in British Columbia seems a good candidate to join them.

Baijiu is the most-consumed spirit but little-known beyond China. World Baijiu Day aims to change that by teaming with venues, producers and consumers in dozen of cities on August 9.

The “beyond ganbei” has meant everything from baijiu-inspired cocktails, infusions and liqueurs to pizza, beer and chocolate to quizzes, classes and flights. More ideas here.

New products and new bottles

Dragon Mist New BottlesIn addition to our flagship product — Dragon Mist Vodka — we are perfecting Dragon Mist Baijiu (40% and 56% alc./vol.) and Dragon Mist Gin.

To celebrate the release of these new products, we have redesigned our Dragon Mist Vodka bottles and added the 3 new bottle designs to our product offering.

More ways than ever to enjoy Dragon Mist spirits! Watch for them coming soon!