In Search of Elegance reviews our Baijiu and Gin

In Search of Elegance logoJason Hambrey at In Search of Elegance reviews our Dragon Mist Baijiu this month. We may have a new ambassador for the only Canadian distillery making the world’s most consumed spirit.

Jason says, “The spirit tastes good when served neat, straight up, or over ice – but it makes some nice cocktails too. My preference is to go with a dry martini-style here, and garnish with a pickled onion (or olive works well too).” and gives it a “Highly Recommended” rating.

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And about our Gin he says, “This has a really nice big, earthy character. I have trouble resisting it – though it may be outside the comfort zones of some gin drinkers. The earthy character I described is dusty, spicy (baking spices), and it has a clay soil type of richness. This is lifted with light citrus, and woody/bright juniper. ”

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