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Dragon Mist Vodka

craft-sealvodka-150This premium quality vodka is made with wheat grown in Dawson Creek, and pure, clear Canadian glacial water… that’s all.

Fermented, distilled and bottled at the Dragon Mist Distillery in South Surrey, British Columbia, without the addition of neutral grain spirits or any additives.

Our four-column distillation and quadruple filter process both ensure the smoothest, most unique, small-batch, micro-distilled vodka available.

Neat, on the rocks, in cocktails, or an icy well-shaken martini, discover the pure, natural spirit of Dragon Mist Vodka™

3 thoughts on “Dragon Mist Vodka”

  1. I purchased your blueberry vodka at the farmers market this weekend. It’s delicious. I decided to look at your website and I see your vodka is made from wheat. From what I understand the distilling process removes all traces of gluten. Is that correct? Is your vodka gluten free?
    Thank you!

  2. I LOVED the blueberry vodka! I bought two bottles at the farmers market way back in September I think. I want more! I live in New West tho and don’t drive so it’s abit hard to get to. Will you be at a farmers market again here in New Westminster?

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